Paying Tuition

Paying by Electronic Funds Transfer from your checking or savings account:

Log in to Student Self Service. Click on University Bursar on the left menu and then on Charges Due. No fee will be charged for this transaction.

Paying by credit card:

Log in to Student Self Service. Click on University Bursar on the left menu and then on Charges Due. A 2.6% fee will be charged when you use your Visa/Master Card/American Express card.

  • If you need an invoice please navigate to Student Self Service > University Bursar > Tuition Statement
  • We do not accept a delay of payment by filling out the UF Third Party Donor form. It is the responsibility of the student to pay tuition by the program deadline and to deal with their third party donor to ensure payment arrives at UF. If your company requires direct contact with UF please email us at
  • The state of Florida employee tuition waiver and the University of Florida EEP program do not cover the costs of tuition for this program. We are an off-book program that does not receive state funds

EEP, State Tuition Waivers and UF Graduate Assistantships

Our online programs are not eligible for any of these funding sources.  If you are a UF employee seeking to use your EEP benefit, a state of Florida employee seeking to use a State Tuition waiver or a UF graduate students on an Assistantship, the cost of enrollment in our online courses and programs will not be covered by these programs.

Financial Aid

Master’s students are eligible for private and federal loans. Certificate students are not eligible for federal financial aid but might be eligible for private loans. Nondegree seeking students are not eligible for federal or private loans.  Please contact our Financial Aid Coordinator about possible private student loan eligibility.

Students seeking Federal Student Loans should complete must complete their:

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application as early as possible.
  • UF’s Federal School Code is 001535.
  • Financial aid applicants are responsible for ensuring the timely completion of several steps through FAFSA and UF’s Student Self Service in order for funds to be disbursed by the tuition due date.

Minimum credits for eligibility for financial aid:

  • Fall & Spring = 5 credits
  • Summer = 4 credits

For more information or questions contact your financial aid coordinator.

Pharmacy Medicine Veterinary Medicine
Joni Hubbard                  Vernon Wright Angela Moore
Financial Aid Coordinator Assistant Director Financial Aid Coordinator
352-273-6202 352-273-7939 352-273-5999

Veterans Affairs and Military Students

All nondegree, certificate, and master’s students can receive the G.I. Bill or V.A. Tuition Assistance.
For more information or questions about your benefits please contact: