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This course was designed to prepare students and practicing pharmacists to be successful on the Florida version of the Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination (MPJE®). It provides an overview of Federal and Florida laws involving the practice of pharmacy and the use of medications. Instruction is structured around a series of multiple-choice questions, which are similar in design to typical MPJE® questions. Students test their knowledge by informally and privately answering these questions, thus simulating the MPJE test experience. Following each question, the correct answer is given, and lecture then focuses on the rationale for each response and an explanation of the law on that point.

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W. Thomas Smith, Pharm.D., J.D., a clinical associate professor with expertise in pharmacy law, at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, teaches Pharmacy Law and Ethics, and Structures, Process and Outcomes of Regulation. After receiving a Pharm.D. degree from the Saint Louis College of Pharmacy in 1994, Dr.  Smith directed the operations of a long-term care pharmacy. In 2005, he earned a Juris Doctor degree and Certificate in Health Law at Saint Louis University School of Law.